Principe Roberto Garraffa President

Prince Roberto Garraffa from the Roccella Prince Carafa della Spina  Duke of Rocera and Marquis of Castelvetrano Italy

Roberto Garraffa is a real estate professional who owns and manages Garrtech Investments. He is based in Miami and offers a number of services that you could benefit from. Through him and the firm he works for, you could benefit from one of the following services.

Roberto is also a competent associate in the luxury real estate industry. Most people who have difficulties with buying houses anywhere, they can consult him. Actually, resale houses are one of the most complicated to buy. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with real estate properties in several places including Dubai, Italy and off course Miami. Apart from resale and new construction, Roberto Garraffa is a force to reckon when it comes to real estate market conditions. He has vast knowledge of different areas around the world and he knows when it is best to invest in some property. If anyone needs assistance with buying any kind of property, you can contact him for advice. He will be so willing to assist.

For the most part, customers have a hard time getting property to rent either for business or to stay in. If you need someone to give your ideas on what you should be looking out for, you can trust Roberto Garraffa. His experience in this industry makes him an ideal real estate consultant whether one is looking for Miami Condos for Sale in Sunny Isles Beach or shopping for real estate properties that are on demand.