Principe Roberto Garraffa President

Prince Roberto Garraffa from the Roccella Prince Carafa della Spina  Duke of Rocera and Marquis of Castelvetrano Italy

Roberto Garraffa is a real estate professional who owns and manages Garrtech Investments. He is based in Miami and offers a number of services that you could benefit from. Through him and the firm he works for, you could benefit from one of the following services.

Roberto is also a competent associate in the luxury real estate industry. Most people who have difficulties with buying houses anywhere, they can consult him. Actually, resale houses are one of the most complicated to buy. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with real estate properties in several places including Dubai, Italy and off course Miami. Apart from resale and new construction, Roberto Garraffa is a force to reckon when it comes to real estate market conditions. He has vast knowledge of different areas around the world and he knows when it is best to invest in some property. If anyone needs assistance with buying any kind of property, you can contact him for advice. He will be so willing to assist.

For the most part, customers have a hard time getting property to rent either for business or to stay in. If you need someone to give your ideas on what you should be looking out for, you can trust Roberto Garraffa. His experience in this industry makes him an ideal real estate consultant whether one is looking for Miami Condos for Sale in Sunny Isles Beach or shopping for real estate properties that are on demand.


Real Estate, Property & Apartments for Sale in Miami – Garrtech Group

Whether you are interested in buying or selling Real Estate, Property & Apartments in Miami, Florida US, it's surely one of the biggest decisions you may have to deal with. And this is acceptable, taking into consideration the real estate market in Miami, where the vast audience, properties, as well as the modern trends make it really a complex job. But it's really worth the trouble, because it can offer you great possibilities and challenges. Keep in mind though that in order to make the right decisions, you should gather all the information needed and acting quickly at the same time.

Garrtech Group, after making thousand of real estate transactions in 17 homes for sale in Miami US area, is considered to be best the expertise that can help you a great deal in buying or selling successfully in Miami. We have many years in the business in the real estate market and the agents at the office of Garrtech are willing to give you all the proper advice as to make the right decisions, without concerning about bureaucracy. Garrtech has the best expertise that can help you and guarantee you success.

Garrtech does business in ALL parts of Miami Real Estate, serving all the clients with the best possible way. The experts agents, who are always willing to assist you, are speaking apart from English a lot of foreign languages, such as French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Turkish. In addition, we also have also translators for other languages. In short, they speak any language!

Furthermore, Garrtech offers the following services in the real estate market:
  • - Purchase
  • - Sale
  • - Rentals
  • - Residence for vacation / Primary residence
  • - Pre-Construction and New developments
  • - Condos/Single Family
  • - Income Property
  • - Commercial Property
  • - Industrial Property
  • - Land/Development
  • - 1013 Tax Exchange (Deferred)
  • - Property Management/Design
  • - Work with mortgage brokers and other companies to ensure success
    • A Top Producing Team

      We are a widely respected company and our team is one of the best in the real estate market. We are hardworking, Smart, find quick solutions and very productive. Our main goal is to help our clients to find exactly what they are looking for.

      Strong Network and Influence

      Our team meets and talks with all the top agents in the area. We are focused on finding for you exactly what you want. We work 24/7 in order to achieve their goals. Also, there are other realtors that try to sell Garrtech's listings, because they do the best job.

      Effective Marketing

      Our 18 homes for sale Miami marketing program the best you deserve and above all quality and diversity; as well as local connections to the global network. We also guarantee maximum results in real estate for you.

      Customers for Life

      We offer the best customer service with solid work and respect for our clients. That's why the customers believe in us. Actually 50% of this business comes from customers that come again and again, as well as referrals. After all, we believe that in success and dedication to what it does.

      Why People Love Miami...
    • - Cosmopolitan... Hub for America (South and Central), East and Europe
    • - Culture... Night clubs, opera, theatre, ballet, dance, arts and music
    • - Sports... Champion Teams and great Stadiums
    • - Location... Perfect beaches and weather